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Have you not been able to understand how you are feeling or behaving? Perhaps you live your life wearing masks by putting on a front based on others’ expectations, or just have a constant uncomfortability in your own skin. Do you find yourself living what might be called a 'double life' and feel that you are not able to keep going the way you are?
What might life be like to regain control and live by design rather than by default? What might your future look like?
As a specialist counsellor and psychotherapist, I believe I can help.  I specialise in working therapeutically with Mental Health, Addictions, self-defeating behaviours, complications born of wealth and status and therapeutic stabilisation of trauma.
Taking a first step to seek therapy can feel daunting for a multitude of reasons, but in practise the first step is a courageous one. Therapy tends to consist of curiosity, connection, exploration, self-acceptance, reframing experience, humour and even adventure!

I offer private 1:1 therapy to clients face to face in Bristol or via Zoom to clients throughout the UK and internationally.
I also offer family sessions that support addiction and mental health in the family.

Feel free to contact me to let me know what you are looking for and we can see if working together is right for you.


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