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Cornish born and raised, I lived and worked in various areas of the UK and internationally before settling in Bristol. I have a love of the ocean, travel and nature and a curiosity for helping people and the nuts and bolts of change.

I initially completed a diploma in Psychology, Counselling and Social Work before going the University of Bath to study a BSc (Hons) in Addictions Counselling. Since qualifying I have gained specialist clinical experience in the treatment of mental health conditions and psychological trauma and completed trainings in wider mental health therapies and approaches and trauma-informed practice and corporate mental health.

I have experience of the charitable and private treatment sectors working as a specialist therapist and treatment consultant both in the UK and internationally. This includes working within a multidisciplinary team in one of the world’s leading clinics for the treatment of Mental Health and Addiction disorders in Zurich, Switzerland. This introduced me first-hand to a unique realities and complications assoicated with wealth and status, and offered me an affection for working with this highly misunderstood and misjudged group of people. I am not a believer of luxury problems, just real problems for real people.


People tend to contact me because they are experiencing distress associated with mental health, addiction, work related stress, wealth and status, relationships, self-destructive behaviours, addiction in the family, and difficulties with psychological trauma.


In my work, I am reminded daily that everyone’s experience of life and its challenges is intensely unique. Therefore, my focus is always on what each person wishes to achieve and how they wish to grow from our work together. As an integrative therapist with a holistic approach, I can offer a broad range of evidenced interventions with a foundation in cognitive therapy and client-centred motivational work.

I work with clients In the UK face to face for which I have a beautiful office in central Bristol or on a walk and talk session at Ashton Court Estate. I also offer remote work to clients outside of Bristol, both in the UK and internationally.


What I work with

Issues assoicated with wealth and status

Chemsex Addiction
Self Esteem
Work Related Stress
Clinical Burn Out
Coporate Burn Out
Issues in the Family
Psychological Trauma